Friday, 16 August 2013

Rainbow Program Week 1

Week 1 - Get to Know You

We have 6 or 7 new girls starting with us this term.  We have asked everyone, adults included to bring in 3 things to "Show and Tell".  We will be decorating bunting, that I made all by myself. And playing a few games.  Including the Smarties game.  To play this you need lots of Smarties sweets.  For every colour of sweet you assign a question or action.  Ours will be.
brown - last film you watched
green - last song you listened to
orange - favourite princess
pink - favourite book
red - favourite food
yellow - favourite toy
purple - 10 jumping jacks
blue - silly walk to wall and back
My bunting.  I am so proud of this as I am rubbish using the computer.
I will also be implementing a reward charts.  3 smiley faces and you get to pick something out of the Reward box. 

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