Monday, 22 July 2013

What Have I done?

Stupidly I decided to have a go at stripping the hall wallpaper.  The walls have several layers of paint before you even get to the paper!  It was a stupid idea, its far to warm today and I have two kids fighting for my attention.  I almost forgot to take before pictures.  Here is a couple and one picture of a little person trying to help.

In the middle picture you will sea a chair.  The view from that window is amazing and its great to sit there and read a book.

I hate...........


I really, really hate it.  I cant think of anything more boring.  Since William went back to work on Thursday, I have been trying to get the house in some sort of order.  I have sorted out the mountain of clothes in the back room and Kept on top of all the dishes.  I have even cleaned out my set of drawers!

I have worked hard for four days and although the house looks better, it's still no where near where I want it to be.  My mum is moving house soon and is giving us a lot of bedroom furniture.  When this happens, we will be moving into the our spare room at the back of the house.  Both girls will move into the large room we are in now ( Emily still sleeps in our room) and Eilidh's old room, being the smallest will used as a little study.  Hopefully this will make better use of all our rooms.  Our rooms were decorated in a rush a few years ago and whilst they are nice, they don't exactly reflect any of our personalities. 

The worst part of our house is the hall.  We just haven't worked up the courage to start it.  It is a huge area and still like it was when we moved in, dark and never looks clean.  For ages now, William has been asking to start stripping the walls but its such a huge task I have put it off.  I have decided to just let him get on with it.  I may even pull off some paper today, to force us to get started. 

We are also trying to tame our garden this year.  The garden was one of the huge selling points of this house.  Its huge for this area but very narrow.  Its 6mX44m and is mostly grass.  Next year I would love to grow some of my own vegetables. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Question: What To Do On A Lovely Summer's Day?

Answer:  AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!

Tomorrow, my husband goes back to work after a few days off.  We decided to make today count and started organising a family day out.

We had an early start, making a picnic and packing everything we needed for a day out with two kids.  I remember the days when I just left the house with keys and bank card.  How things have changed!!

We headed to East Yonderton Farm.  It is right beside Glasgow Airport.  When I say "right beside" I mean it.  It was amazing watching planes land and take off almost every few minutes.  East Yonderton Farm is a "pick your own" farm.  We were very lucky today; not only was the weather lovely and not too warm, but unbeknown to us their Strawberry season will be finishing this week.  Even though the sign said that Strawberries were "scarce", we managed to pick enough Strawberries for us to share between us and both sets of our parents!  Pea Pods were also ready to be picked.  I orgot how much I loved fresh peas straight from the pod!   We picked a half tub of each and also bought a tub of fresh cream so we could enjoy some of our Strawberries with our picnic.  William and I were both shocked when the price was just over £6!

Afterward we headed to Pollok park for our picnic.  It was great lying on the grass in the sun whilst the girls ran around.  We explored the Burrell Collection, but didn't get to stay as long as we wanted as Emily was starting to get a bit grouchy and tired.  Eilidh was brilliant and loved the museum, but couldn't concentrate on it as she seemed overwhelmed with the variety of exhibits.  We had a quick play at the park outside, although it was far too busy for either girl to enjoy as there was a queue for just about everything. 

On the way back to the car, Eilidh decided to climb a tree and make a start to her adventure of completing the National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4.  We could have completed another few things on the list, but wanted her to enjoy it and concentrate on each activity, rather than just ticking them off as quickly as possible.  

Anyway, that's what we did today.  Both girls are in bed snoring and William and I are watching the final of The Apprentice.   As you can tell from the pictures I am a novice photographer.  Today William showed me the macro function.

Smile for your close up!!!